We believe humanity has always been guided by stories and that television is still the most powerful modern-day storyteller.

With Reality TV, Bamyan Media sees huge potential for dissemination of educational and inspirational messages that can drive social change and impact millions of lives.

We produce entertaining programs that highlight the drama of people living through real challenges and discovering real solutions to the critical social issues of our time.

Introducing Bamyan Media - The Story


Bamyan Media Partners with BANIJAY to bring new seasons of Game-Changers (The Project) to the world.

Bamyan Media is partnering with BANIJAY International to distribute Game-Changers (formerly The Project) all over the world. Banijay is one of the leading content creation and format distributors, and they are presenting Game-Changers at MIPCOM 2015 in Cannes.

Bamyan is also working with the largest TV Network in the Arab world to produce a pan-Arab version of El Mashroua (The Project) for prime-time in 2016.

The Bamyan Media team will be at MIPCOM and looks forward to meeting you! Please contact info@bamyan.org if you are interested in setting up an in-person meeting.


Bamyan Media offers local TV networks a unique value proposition; a package of services that enables the local production of profitable, new hit TV shows. Turning the traditional industry model upside-down, we first secure financing directly from sponsors, effectively guaranteeing the TV networks profit for experimental programming.

& Off-line

The hype and promotion surrounding the TV show creates awareness and drives traffic to a digital and on the ground "activation" campaign, effectively creating a social change "Movement". Digital engagement connects viewers to practical resources available from local partners, for example for micro-loans, online training, mentorship and other opportunities.


We secure finance from non-traditional sources, (foundations, international donors and government agencies) to pay for research and development and to establish a network of implementation partners in each territory. We also co-finance production by working with selected sponsors to organically integrate responsible branding and messaging in the show's content.


We facilitate the ecosystem of local and international organizations in reaching their target audience, and in return we benefit from their outreach activities, technical support, on-the-ground-resources and prizes for applicants.

and Production

We provide support throughout the production process, from concept to broadcast. This includes research and testing, crew training and development of an operations manual, a detailed "Format Manual", implementation tool-box and quality control process.


We work with strategically chosen sponsors in each local market to build upon the TV show and create a powerful multi-platform brand that can be financially sustainable.


The popularity of unscripted programming is still growing rapidly around the world and yet it remains relatively inexpensive to produce. By combining educational messaging with entertainment we are able to leverage existing media distribution to reach a very large audience, with far more impact than a simple awareness campaign.

Bamyan has developed an innovative methodology to create content that effectively galvanizes a multi-stakeholder response to issues such as economic empowerment, health, gender, and the environment. Using a highly participatory "lab" process we design new TV formats around a compelling social issue, and then test concepts online and through focus-group research to ensure a show is both entertaining and achieves specific behavior change objectives.

To measure impact we look at uptake and participation in partner offerings, such as, in the case of El Mshrou3, training programs, mentoring and incubation for new businesses, loan applicants, and even businesses registered. We also track traditional media metrics such as program reach and message recall, as well digital engagement via SMS, and social media analytics.

Reporting on our results also delivers value to our sponsors and partners as we mobilize viewers to vote via text messaging, and access tools and resources online as well as in their communities.



EL MASHROU3 IN EGYPT: (2013-2014)

"The Project" (El Mashrou3, pronounced El Mashrou-a), is Egypt's first reality-TV competition for and about young business and social entrepreneurs.
The show debuted in December 2013.

The "El-Mashrou3 Movement," includes a dynamic multi-media digital platform, as well as 80+ on-the-ground organizations that are supporting entrepreneurs with mentorship, finance, training, technology and other tools to help catapult viewers' projects from dream to reality.

In a country where over 70 percent of youth are unemployed, El Mashrou3 will bring to life the stories of young social entrepreneurs that are bravely tackling some of Egypt's most pressing development problems, and starting businesses to create masses of jobs. Along the way, we'll get to know a diverse cast of contestants as they compete in team challenges that test and improve their real-world business skills.

At a time when the idea of owning one's own business as well as solving social issues through entrepreneurship is gaining traction across the globe, El Mashrou3 is perfectly poised to bring the stories of the best and brightest of these upcoming leaders in Egypt to the public eye through a groundbreaking reality TV contest.

El Mashrou3's Goals In Egypt: Through El Mashrou3 we aim to:

  • Mainstream social entrepreneurship so that it becomes a heroic yet realistic aspiration for all.
  • Connect entrepreneurs, on and off screen, to the practical resources they need to turn their socially responsible business ideas into a reality.
  • Contribute to the creation of dignified jobs for the young and marginalized.

To find out more about El Mashrou3 follow these links:
Website / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube


Almost every country in the world, including Afghanistan, has its version of a pop idol contest – but what if a TV series could tell the stories of young entrepreneurs who are succeeding against all odds, who are starting ventures and creating jobs and tackling complex problems at their roots?

Dream & Achieve, (Fekr wa Tallosh) Anna Elliot oversaw the development and production of Season 1 of Dream & Achieve, which was produced and broadcast by Tolo TV in Afghanistan in 2009, where it became the #1 surprise hit of the season, watched by over 7 million Afghan viewers. After obtaining financial support from key private sector partners, including the national bank and main telecom operator, the series launched a national outreach process for thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs across the country. Top contestants were then filmed as they launched their ventures. The series' winner was a plastic recycler from Kandahar whose plant is powered by renewable energy, and the runner-up was a young woman who  started a successful jam and pickling business employing hundreds of widows and refugees. Contestants ranged from ex-warlords to small-holder farmers to young female students. Anna Elliot helped to secure donor funding for Tolo TV and facilitated partnerships with universities, banks and microfinance institutions, to develop tailored support for contestants. Viewers learned about access to finance, marketing strategy, business plan development, and more importantly — that they themselves can rebuild their country. The show turned the spotlight in Afghanistan to an alternative development paradigm — spreading the belief that it is Afghan entrepreneurs who will ultimately make the long-lasting change their country needs. 

THE REAL MAIDS OF CAIRO: (In development)

A new reality docu-soap series about women, class, health, and economic opportunity.


Bamyan Media was founded by Anna Elliot in 2010.

Anna conceived the idea for Bamyan Media while in college, and spent her final year in Afghanistan where she raised funds, recruited partners and served as the Executive Producer for "Dream and Achieve", which was produced and aired by Tolo TV. In 2010, Anna was awarded a prestigious Echoing Green fellowship, designed to support "outstanding emerging social entrepreneurs" who are confronting society's most difficult problems. She is also a 2010 Rainer Arnhold fellow, awarded to "people with good ideas about change, in the places that need change the most."

We produce entertaining programs that highlight the drama of people living through real challenges and discovering real solutions to the critical social issues of our time.

We believe humanity has always been guided by stories and that television is still the most powerful modern-day storyteller. With reality TV, Bamyan Media sees huge potential for dissemination of inspirational and educational messages that can drive social change and impact millions of lives.
We produce entertaining programs that highlight the drama of people living through real challenges and discovering real solutions to the critical social issues of our time.

Introducing Bamyan Media in 2 mins ...


Asim is Bamyan Media's Director of Global Development and an Executive Producer on Egypt's first-ever Reality-TV show about Social Entrepreneurs, 'El Mashrou3'.

He is a British Journalist, TV Producer, Writer and strategist with over 8+ years specializing in developing International socio-political documentaries and current affairs stories across all broadcast and online platforms for some of the biggest media organizations in the world including Channel 4, The Guardian, Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, Journeyman Pictures, Ceasefire, Mentorn and the BBC Worldwide. ahaneef@bamyan.org

Edward is one of the brightest minds on the planet when it comes to developing entertaining reality TV programming.

As a lead developer at Talpa Media (link: http://www.talpa.tv/) behind "The Voice", Edward has seen his creation become the number 1 hit show in numerous countries across the globe. With Bamyan, Edward is able to translate our educational messaging into a highly entertaining package. Not only does this draw in millions more viewers than traditional educational programming, but also dramatically increases the amount of learning that "sticks" with our viewers.

As a BAFTA winning Series Director/ Producer with over ten years' experience in factual and fact-ent television production.

Sam has directed programmes for all of the major terrestrial channels and all of the top independent companies.Sam's Series Directing credits include "Maestro at the Opera" for BBC2 and "Jo Brand's Big Splash" for Dave and I was series Producer/ Director on "Caroline Quentin's National Parks" for ITV1. Other directing credits include the original BAFTA winning series of "The Choir," the first series of ITV1's "Long Lost Family," "The Apprentice - series 2" for BBC2, "Evacuation" and "High Street Dreams" for BBC1, "Neil Morrissey's Risky Business" and "Dumped" for Channel 4 and "Surgery School" for ITV1.

Inas has been working as a reality TV producer / director in Germany for the past five years, producing shows for several renowned TV channels in Germany.

Inas has thus followed through her dream to tell stories about real people and their lives. Born and raised in Germany, she has decided to move back to Egypt after the revolution to assist in her own way in rebuilding this country and seeing its culture grow and flourish. Inas holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from the American University in Cairo and an M.A. in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies from the Universities of London and Kassel.

Dalia is responsible for developing Bamyan's relationships with the major players in the Egyptian entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Her work will allow for Bamyan's programs to draw on the skills and resources from various parts of the Egyptian entrepreneurship community, thus maximizing the impact of Bamyan's work. Dalia has long been interested in education and recently in entrepreneurship – prior to joining Bamyan, she started work with Egypreneur as ecosystem officer & newsletter curator. Dalia was also the president of AIESEC Egypt in 2008. Dalia holds a Masters in Education from Harvard University where she conducted research on the ways in which television can be used to promote social entrepreneurship.

David oversees operations at Bamyan, although his true passion lies in multi-actor dialogue and transformational processes to support long term social change.

As an entrepreneur he has founded numerous business ventures in Europe and the United States, including USAssist and Direct Hit, a pioneering search engine. As a development expert David has led teams working for USAID, the World Bank, the Asia Development Bank and the UNDP and has extensive experience in economic development and social enterprise. David believes that it is possible to lead from the emerging future and that when an organization does this with its partners then great things can happen.

Marwa Moaz brings more than seven years of experience as a leader and manager of global, regional, and country-level development programs both internationally and domestically.

Prior to joining El Mashrou3 she served as an Associate Analyst for one of the leading US International Development Consulting firms, Abt Associates. There she managed a $10 million dollar portfolio for a USAID funded health program in Egypt. She currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer, overseeing administrative and financial activities and ensuring responsiveness to USAID mission clients. She works with project teams and counterparts to develop technical approaches, work plans, impact measurements and budgets. Her international experience includes design, implementation, and delivery of development programs in West Bank, Yemen, and Egypt. Marwa has a Bachelors of Arts degree in International Affairs with a double concentration in Global Public Health and Middle Eastern studies and holds a Masters of Nutrition Science and Policy from Tufts University.

Gabriel is responsible for telling Bamyan's story. He has previously worked around sustainable job creation models in Bogotá, Colombia and for Ashoka Arab World as the Media & Marketing Assistant.

Gabriel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Middle East and North African Studies from the University of Michigan and studied Pop Culture and Media in the Arab World with the School for International Training in Tunisia. His love for all aspects of the reality TV genre gives him unique insights in our creative process.

Karim gets things done, full stop.

Karim is versatile with his professional experience ranging from hospitality to office management. Karim graduated from Cairo University with a degree in Engineering, and has begun his studies for an MBA from the American University in Cairo.


Do you want to bring Bamyan to your country?
We'd love to hear from you and explore possibilities.

Opportunities for collaboration:

Support the research and development of game-changing new formats for tackling issues of health, gender, economic opportunity and the environment.

Immplement "The Project", the world's first Reality TV show about entrepreneurship and social impact, in 10 other countries we have identified the right partners and can reach several hundred million people.

Launch El Mashrou3 throughout the Arab Region.

We are currently in the process of launching El Mashrou3 as a "Pan-Arab World" program and are looking for sponsors and implementation partners to help us in achieving our goals.

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